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Are Women More Likely To Lose Custody If They Claim Their Child Has Been Sexually Abused By The Father?

  • Published: September 24, 2020

As a family law practitioner, I often hear (usually from mothers) complaints about the father touching their child’s private parts inappropriately. These complaints go beyond what would be considered “appropriate” touching such as helping a child take a bath, or helping a male child urinate in the toilet or a female child clean herself properly after using the toilet. The child can be male or female but the complaint is the same—the father is touching the child for his own sexual gratification and the mother wants his visitation stopped, supervised and possibly criminal charges brought against him. She claims to be acting to protect the child. There is a swift denial by the father but an investigation into the claims raised by the mother is commenced.

There is no physical evidence of a “bad touch”—no scratches, abrasions, infections, rashes or tears of all which under a proper medical examination could lead a medical professional to the conclusion that sexual abuse had occurred. The only witnesses are the father or the child who could be as young as two years old or even younger, who by nature of his/her age and vocal abilities would be an “unreliable” witness under questioning…Read More

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