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  • Published: July 30, 2020

At this time of an historic health emergency, strains could appear in an intact relationship, while in a fractured relationship those strains and disputes become problematic quickly. It is difficult for lawyers to tell clients that barring an absolute emergency they cannot come to court to seek relief. It is difficult for lawyers and judges to fathom that while our Chief Judge has ensured that courts remain open for essential matters, their access to non-essential courtrooms, hearings and motions are severely impacted at least for the time being...Read MoreRead More

  • Published: July 22, 2020

Recent family-related news included domestic violence victims in the U.K suffering catastrophic consequences due to cuts in services, the great importance of communication for interracial couples, complications for international couples due to the coronavirus, struggles for a married lesbian couple despite the recent Supreme Court ruling and despite the broadening definition of family to include more than two parents, complications still exist...Read MoreRead More

How To Obtain Copies Of Documents From The New York City Family Court
  • Published: July 20, 2020

For Non-Attorneys Parties may obtain copies of Family Court documents by submitting a request by U.S. Mail, email, or telephone to the Family Court in the county in which the case was or is being heard. Contact information for each of the five New York City Family Courts is as follows: Bronx Family Court 900 Sheridan Avenue Bronx, NY 10451 718-618-2098 Kings Family Court 330 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 347-401-9610 Manhattan Family Court 60 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10013 646-386-5223 Queens Family Court 151-20 Jamaica Ave Jamaica, NY 11432 718-298-0197 Richmond Family Court 100…Read More

  • Published: April 4, 2020

Fear of the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on already fractured families. With Family Court only hearing emergency matters like child protection proceedings, pugilistic parents are left to their own devices with no one to referee or enforce custody agreements. “This is hard for people,” said family law attorney Ava Gutfriend. “The courts are closed. So [one parent will] say, ‘Tough nuts. I’ll do whatever I want.'” Click here to read the complete article.Read More

  • Published: March 17, 2020

An Update on Covid-19 (March 17, 2020) We want to send additional updates as they become available to us as to how we are responding to the current Covid-19 Corona Virus outbreak and how it l will affect your case. Since many of our clients have active cases that require making appearances in a NYS courthouse this creates a unique challenge to our ability to access court facilities. As of March 17, 2020, The NYS Courts will be closing their regular operations and will only be available to continue to provide "critical emergency relief". This type of relief is only…Read More

Celebrating Valentines Day with you ex
  • Published: February 7, 2019

Well it is that time of year! Love is in the air. Everyone is thinking about what to get their significant others and special family members for Valentine's Day. However, unless you has a very special relationship with your ex, of course you are NOT going to be having a romantic dinner and exchanging gifts with him or her. But what about you children? Chances are they are learning from their parents how to express their love and gratitude for those special loved ones from you! Even at a young age children pick up on verbal cues and interactions they see and…Read More

Will Your Social Media Sink Your Case?
  • Published: November 26, 2018

Unless you are stuck in the stone age you are likely an active smart phone or a computer user. These little devices of modern convenience are packed with social media apps, pictures and video. With apps like FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube those posts, snaps, tweets and videos may not be as private as you think and that can be very embarrassing especially if they impact the outcome of your legal case leaving aside all the non legal reasons to make a post to the world- literally, there are some things you should keep in mind when it comes…Read More

  • Published: July 19, 2018

Have you been to a NYC Family court to file a petition for you custody, visitation Order of Protection matter?  That process can often take more time than you expected.  Having represented hundreds of clients, we believe that sometimes clients want to file a new petition to start a new type of case or modify an existing order on their own.  While we can always file the petition during the course of your representation, you may prefer to file you case on your own time. Unfortunately, the amount of time you spend at the Help Center is unpredictable and sometimes…Read More

  • Published: June 17, 2018

Father's Day is a day for children to celebrate the special bond created between a father and son or daughter. While some might consider it a Hallmark holiday, it has become a very important day in crafting your custody and visitation agreements. Even if you are not bound by an agreement or court order having a plan in place to address the day should be thought out based on what is in the best interest of the children. Generally speaking there are several ways to craft the day into your parenting agreements. It may involve changing or swapping weekends with…Read More

What You Need To Know About Your Child's Passport...
  • Published: May 1, 2018

So its almost time for summer travel and your children need their passports.  They may have a valid passport and you need it to travel or they may not  have one at all.  You may need to apply for their very first passport or reapply for an expired passport.  It is recommended that regardless of whether travel is planned or not that every child who is U.S. citizen have a U.S. Passport. If your ex-spouse or partner is the primary custodian by court order or agreement that party may have the Passport in their possession. They should provide it the the requesting parent and…Read More

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