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Child abuse and neglect can happen in all types of households, for both intact and separated families. It often involves some of the most painful moments parents must ever face, and can involve government agencies, such as the Department of Social Services or ACS, the juvenile court system, and even a criminal prosecution.

Child Abuse & NeglectIn New York, cases of abuse or neglect often begin by someone placing a “hotline” call to the Department of Social Services (doctors, child care workers, and teachers have a legal duty to report apparent incidents of abuse or neglect). Once an investigation begins, it can unfold in a variety of ways and involve multiple arenas, from administrative agencies to courtrooms. Parents accused of abuse or neglect face the prospect of losing custody, or even a criminal charge. Children who are victims of abuse or neglect could find themselves separated from one or both parents and may placed into stranger foster care with a foster parent they do not know..

If you find yourself involved in a case of child abuse or neglect, you need the help of an experienced family law attorney, one who knows how to deal with the Department of Social Services, ACS, the juvenile courts, the family courts and the criminal courts, as well as Attorneys for the Children and the foster care system. Being part of the legal process for a case of abuse or neglect can feel chaotic and frightening, and you can say or do something against your best interests without even knowing it. Consequently, your best option is to speak with a skilled attorney as soon as possible.

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A child neglect or abuse case can be a nightmare with the wrong advocate by your side. Unfortunately, children are not always the most reliable witnesses. Sometimes to please a parent or an ACS worker, a child will say what they believe they want to hear. Maybe you are being falsely accused, with the child being used as a pawn by a spouse who wants custody of the children in a particularly nasty divorce proceeding. Maybe it’s an offshoot of a case of domestic violence. Maybe you made a poor choice and this is the first time something like this has ever happened to you. However, the situation may arise, having the right law firm to provide you sound legal advice can make all the difference. At the law firm of Martin Mohr, we have over fifteen years of experience handling cases of abuse and neglect, representing persons charged with abuse or neglect as well as parents and children at risk. We will do everything we can to help address the problems at issue and help make your family whole again

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Time is of the essence. As soon as you select the Law Firm of Martin Mohr, to represent you, we will immediately put our considerable experience and resources to work on your case. The sooner we can review the necessary information, the sooner we can formulate a strategy for your unique circumstances, helping to ensure the best possible outcome. Your children’s future and your parental rights are at stake. Make the right choice and contact us today at (718) 737-9669. You can reach us day or night. The only obligation you have is the one you have to yourself to obtain the best representation possible.

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