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It is unfortunate, but occasionally criminal arrests and family law cases criminal lawcan intersect with each other. When this happens, the legal rights in each type of proceeding can significantly impact your rights in each type of case.

We have a collaborative approach and attorneys available to handle all kinds of criminal matters that intersect with your family law matter.

For example:

  • A client may get arrested while they are subject to a family court order of protection
  • ACS may come to your home and want to remove your children because there was a domestic violence situation in your home.
  • An arrest my accompany an ACS investigation
  • After an arrest, you have had a child protective or ACS filed against you for similar allegations.
  • A criminal case involving drugs or a DWI may impact decisions on a custody case

All of these situations and many others need to be addressed under the same strategy. Decisions made in criminal court may have serious consequences to a family law matter. Having the right team in place when these situations arise it is important to the individual and your family.

Call to Speak With A New York Criminal Lawyer

Contact the Law Office of Martin Mohr, if you have questions about whether your family law matter and criminal law matter will impact one another. Now is the time to act. Certain criminal case can have serious consequences.

To speak with a lawyer from our firm and discuss your particular circumstances contact us or call the office at (718) 737-9669 to set up an appointment.

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