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Holiday Travel With Children December 2020

  • Published: December 11, 2020

This time of year, family law practitioners are often inundated with questions from clients re vacation schedules, travel itineraries.

Holiday Season Past:

Some of the routine issues we normally deal with are:

When does my holiday vacation start? Who gets Christmas this year? I thought I got Christmas every year?

When can I get an itinerary from the other parent who is traveling with the children? What if I don’t get an itinerary? Can I stop the trip?

What if he (she) refuses to turn over the passport(s), the child(ren) for my vacation? Can you or the court force him (her) to turn them over to me? When do the courts close for the holidays? What if they don’t deliver the child(ren) and I lose all my money and can’t take the trip?…Read More

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