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Homeira Qaderi Reflects On Motherhood In Her New Memoir

  • Published: December 11, 2020

NPR’s Scott Simon speaks to Homeira Qaderi about her memoir Dancing in the Mosque: An Afghan Mother’s Letter to Her Son, the story motherhood and womanhood in her native country.

Homeira Qaderi’s memoir is a public cry to be recognized and remembered by the person who would ordinarily be closest to her in life, her son, Siawash. Dr. Qaderi, an acclaimed writer, professor of literature, an adviser on equity for women to the Afghan government, had her son taken from her arms after her husband declared their marriage over in a three-word text message – divorce, divorce, divorce – when he wanted to take a second wife into their home. She’s written a memoir to try to tell her son, who she says will grow up to inherit the country, about the lives of women in Afghanistan, including hers. Her memoir – “Dancing In The Mosque: An Afghan Mother’s Letter To Her Son.” And Homeira Qaderi joins us from Kabul. Thank you so much for being with us…Read More.

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