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‘I Come Up Short Every Day’: Couples Under Strain As Families Are Stuck At Home

  • Published: November 26, 2020

Like many married and working couples first confronting the pandemic, Bianca Flokstra and Victor Udoewa tried to go on with their lives as normal.

Flokstra continued to work full time while taking care of their kids, ages 4 and 2. She also handled most of the housework, with her husband helping from time to time. It didn’t work.

“Those first couple of months were really hard,” Flokstra says. “There was … a lot of fighting. A lot of tears.”

The pandemic has upended many aspects of domestic life, and that has brought new attention to one of the most enduring disparities between men and women — the wide difference in handling housework and child care.

It’s what Marianne Cooper, a sociologist at the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab, calls one of society’s most “stubborn” divides…Read More

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