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Kids Are Home, I’m Home, I Need A Drink—Alcohol Abuse During COVID-19 And Its Impact On Child Custody

  • Published: October 16, 2020

At Home Learning

At least 50% (based upon NYC’s return to school rate- the largest public-school system in the country) of the U.S. school age population of students in classes K through 12 are in online learning programs at home. This means that adult supervision, usually a parent, is required to assist the students throughout the course of the day. These at home “teachers” (parents) are simultaneously trying to keep up with their own jobs remotely by attending zoom meetings, scheduling conferences with customers, all while trying to get up to speed on 2nd grade addition and subtraction or 8th grader reading including Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird curriculum. While seven to ten percent of people worked from home in 2019, today the figure may be as high as 59%. No wonder mom or dad need a drink!

COVID Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol purchases for at home consumption increased 54% during the pandemic. Bars were for the most part closed for significant periods of time throughout the pandemic and still are in many jurisdictions. The recommended amount of alcohol for men is two drinks per day and for women one drink per day according to the CDC. Using this measure of ordinary alcohol use, the increase in purchasing of 54% equates to an additional cocktail for men and an additional  one half cocktail for women daily at home consumption…Read More

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