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When Co-Parents Clash In A Pandemic

  • Published: November 26, 2020

My ex and I aren’t friends — amicable might be pushing it — but in the four years since we split, we have navigated new homes, new partners and our 6-year-old son entering the public school system with minimal drama. When the pandemic hit and schools shut down, I almost felt guilty about my ability to ship my kid off to his father’s for five-day stretches while married friends lost sleep and fought with their husbands about whose turn it was to supervise virtual geometry.

Then, in late August, I got word that my son’s school district would be opening special education classrooms early. My son, who is deaf and on the autism spectrum, would have the chance to go back to school, with his real teacher, in a real classroom, with his peers, for six hours a day. I’ve never won a lottery but at that moment I knew what it felt like…Read More

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