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Will Mediation And Private Judges End The Uncivility Of In-Court Family Law Litigation Post COVID?

  • Published: February 12, 2021

The increase in child custody and child support disputes between parents separating or divorcing has been tantamount to small uncivil wars conducted at first in the home and then flowing into courtrooms across the globe…From increases in mediation and an expansion of arbitration, ADR and “private judging” across the globe, there is a movement to bring civility to the often “uncivil” practice of family law…FamilyKind, a not-for-profit service offering mediation service on a sliding scale reported an increase in its mediation services of over 100% over the year prior. Mediation may well be perfectly suited to the new reality we find ourselves in according to Read McCaffery, in Coral Cables, Fla…Read More

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